Welcome to my fieldherping page!

Garter snake males looking for females. Inwood, MB, 2006

On this website you will find field herping trip reports along with photographs of herptiles and bugs such as arachnids plus once in a while a bird or mammal. I hope you have use of the site and visiting now and then!

What is fieldherping?

To look for and observe herptiles (amphibians and reptiles) in the wild.
I have seen people compare herping to birdwatching and in a sence that is true, however,
I like to try to observe behaviour if possible and not just count how many animals I can find.
Useful tools I bring is a good head lamp is a necessity for night time herping, a good snake hook and/or snake tong if you are in a area which have venomous snakes, camera equipment and a smaller backpack with water, food etc. I also carry Epipen (adrenaline auto injector). Plus a number of field guides, GPS and a compass.